"TOP 5 Loom Cases and Storage of 2024"

It's Sarah here -- product reviewer of LoomDaily.com! Below are my personal recommendations for the best loom storage/organizer to keep your loom bands, tools and creations nice and organize :)

Storage Kit with Free Loom Bands

Creating loom bracelets can be fun, but it can also be difficult to keep everything in one place. This Collection Organizer Storage Kit helps keep everything together. This kit comes with more than 4000 rubber bands in more than ten different colors - and it includes glow in the dark bands!

I love that there are so many different squares, as it lets me keep all of the colors separate and easy to find. You will love how many colors you can fit in their own square. You will also love the fact that you can decorate your case with the glitter glue that comes with the kit. Learn more...

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Loom Storage Organizer

There are a lot of Loom band organizers on the market, so it can be difficult to decide which one you should get. One thing I like about this storage container is that it closes securely and can be taken where I go. It's also a clear purple, which helps it stand out among the other clear cases, and it has fun yellow latches.

You will love how many different compartments there are to keep your rubber bands separate and easy to find. The compartments are even adjustable so that you can even take your loom with you. Learn more...

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Grab N' Go Rack System

Creative Options' Grab N' Go Rack System is one of the largest, most efficient storage kits on the market. It can be easy to fill up the single storage boxes, and soon you could have multiple boxes.

This storage kit has four boxes to store your bands and other supplies, but the best part about the multiple boxes is that they are all held by an outer shell. There is even a compartment on top for your loom, making sure everything really is in one place. The icing on the cake is the fun yellow and pink coloring, with purple latches to keep everything closed. Learn more...

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Translucent Loom Bands Storage

This clear Loom bands storage kit from ArtBin is the perfect addition to any Loom bands kit. It can be hard finding the right container to store your bands, but this box has a lot of space and different sized compartments for your bands.

You will love the clear case, which easily lets you see what is inside and how much you have. It is also large enough to fit hundreds of rubber bands in each compartment, and there is space to hold your loom. It may not be as colorful and cute as some other containers, but I love how functional it is. Learn more...

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Adjustable Loom Bands Organizer

This storage container is perfect for Loom bands. While it was not made specifically for the Loom band craze, it does have a lot of comparments that are different sizes, giving you the perfect spaces to store looms, charms, rubber bands and even your creations.

I love how secure the container is and that your pieces do not fall into other spaces when you are carrying the container around. Some of the compartments are even removable to give you more organizational freedom, letting you choose what you store in your container rather than being stuck with what you are given. Learn more...

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